Refurbishment and Resource Preservation Project

The New Jersey Water Supply Authority is responsible for operating and maintaining the Spruce Run and Round Valley Reservoirs for drinking water supply. As part of the Authority’s asset management program, it hired a team of internationally recognized dam experts to conduct a holistic review of the Spruce Run Reservoir and Round Valley Reservoir dams.

Based on the results and recommendations from this review, the Authority plans to make improvements that will extend the operating life of the Round Valley dams. This will also increase their durability and resilience. Design standards and construction techniques have evolved in the 50 plus years since the dams were built. Many dams of similar type to the Authority’s that were built in the same era also require periodic rehabilitation. The Authority’s plans for improvement of the dams will bring them to today’s state of the art design standards and construction techniques.

The Authority will move forward with improvements to the Round Valley dams over the next few years. A Request for Proposals for design of these improvements has been issued. Visible construction activities are anticipated to start in 2018. These improvements will allow for safe dam operation for future generations.

Additional information will be posted to our website when it becomes available