CLINTON, NJ – The New Jersey Water Supply Authority (Authority) is proud to announce the launch of their project website, The new project website will allow the public to learn about the latest progress on the Round Valley Reservoir Structures Refurbishment and Resource Preservation Project and easily communicate questions and comments to project representatives.

“We’re proud to announce that the reservoir refurbishment effort now has a user-friendly, modern project website to match,” said Marc Brooks, Authority Chief Engineer. “The site is easy to navigate and provides visitors with clear information about the Round Valley Reservoir Project.”

The website features photography, historical information about the reservoir, a list of frequently asked questions and several ways to provide input. The website will also provide periodic project updates, which visitors can receive directly via email by joining the project mailing list. Lastly, users can contact a project representative via email or phone to ask questions regarding public meetings or other topics.

“This marks a new turn for the Round Valley Reservoir. We’re moving forward and making our refurbishment plans a reality. Our improvements will help ensure safe reservoir operation and drinking water for generations to come,” said Beth Gates, Authority Executive Director.


About the New Jersey Water Supply Authority
The New Jersey Water Supply Authority is a public body, corporate and politic, constituted as an instrumentality of the State of New Jersey, exercising public and essential governmental functions.

The “Authority” was created by the New Jersey Water Supply Act on October 7, 1981, and in connection with the Act, all water supply facilities owned or operated by the State were transferred or leased to the Authority.

The members of the Authority consist of the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (ex officio member) and six public members appointed by the Governor upon the advice and consent of the New Jersey Senate.
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