As part of investigatory work necessary for the design, crews are continuing their work installing instrumentation on all three embankments (the North Dam, the South Dam and the Dike). Sometime in November, the work will shift to digging of test pits on all three embankments, one at a time. This work is being done in restricted areas of the reservoir property and does not affect the public’s use of it.

Grouting of the abutments at the North and South Dams is expected to begin in early 2019. Dredging of the Intake Channel at the South Dam is also expected to begin in early 2019. These two projects comprise the first phase of construction work on the Round Valley project. Starting dates will be posted here when they are established.

Preparation of staging and dewatering areas for the earthmoving work on all three dams, the second and final phase of the Round Valley project, will begin in 2019. Additional details about these components will be posted here when available.