Update on Abutment Grouting and Road Closure Notification

Grouting of the abutments at the South Dam has been ongoing for the past few months. Work will shift to the North Dam this fall. In connection with work at the North Dam, the segment of County Route 629 that parallels the Reservoir between Old Mountain Road and the Boat Launching area is scheduled to be closed from sometime in October to mid to late December, 2019. Access to the Boat Launching area will remain open. Detour signage will be placed at both ends of the road closure. Any changes to these dates will be announced here.

New Project Starting – Dredging of the Intake Channel at the South Dam tower

The second construction project of the Round Valley Project, Dredging of the Intake Channel at the South Dam tower, will begin later this month. Mobilization and site preparation work is scheduled to begin the week of September 23 and will occur on a portion of the parking area near the canoe/kayak launch. The canoe/kayak launch will remain open for the duration of the project, with only a portion of the parking area being utilized for this project for roughly three weeks at the beginning of the project (currently scheduled for September 23 – October 11) and roughly one week at the conclusion (currently scheduled for November 18 – 22). The motorized boat launch and parking area will not be affected by this project. Park visitors should avoid construction areas.

Dredging is scheduled to begin the week of October 14 and will occur in the water of the Reservoir near the South Dam tower. A floating barge with a hydraulic dredge will remove accumulated sediment from the deep channel extending out from the South Dam tower, and the sediment will be relocated to the deepest part of the Reservoir. Lighted ropes and buoys will be placed around the dredging site to restrict the area from boaters, but all other areas of the Reservoir will remain open. Work will continue throughout October and November. Site work is expected to be complete by the end of November.

Reservoir Drawdown Has Begun

In anticipation of the next phase of the Round Valley Project, the rehabilitation of its three earthen dams, the Authority has begun drawing down the Reservoir water level. The dam rehabilitation phase is the largest and final phase of work and site preparation is anticipated to begin in the late winter/early spring of 2020. The target maximum water elevation level for construction is 360’ and as of September 16, 2019, the level is 369.9 (full pool is 385’). The Authority plans to lower the pool at a rate of approximately 1 – 1.75 feet of elevation per week until the target level of 360’ is met. The pool will remain at or below this lowered level for the duration of the project, which is currently scheduled to be completed in late 2021. If drought occurs during construction and additional releases are necessary for water supply, the pool would naturally be reduced further. Additional details about this phase of the Round Valley Project, including water levels and a second closure of County Route 629 will be announced here as they are established.