The Authority has advertised an invitation for bids for the Round Valley Reservoir Structures Refurbishment and Resource Preservation Project – Earthen Dam Rehabilitation and Ancillary Work. All of the necessary bidding information can be found at
The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials and equipment required for the Earthen Dam Rehabilitation and Ancillary Work Project generally consisting of the following:
  • Dam Rehabilitation including major earthwork of the dam embankment, abandoning existing dam instrumentation, installing new dam instrumentation, installing and operating a dewatering system during construction, and importing drain fill and installing a filter.
  • Work necessary to facilitate the Dam Rehabilitation, including road closures, maintenance of traffic, erosion and sediment control, clearing and grubbing stockpile areas, stripping topsoil, relocating utilities, and spreading topsoil and establishing turf.
  • Ancillary Work related to the Dam Structure including removal and replacement of piping (12-inch or less), grouting of approximately 1,400 LF of 36-inch piping, and building improvements (roofing, gutters, rooftop access system, concrete repairs, general building repairs, window replacement, sluice gate repair, transfer switch installation, provide portable generator, and crane replacement).
Only pre-qualified firms capable of performing the type of work involved, either by their firm or as part of a joint venture, will be eligible to receive bid documents and/or submit a bid. Potential subcontractors will be able to obtain bid documents from prequalified contractors providing they execute a non-disclosure agreement. Instructions for pre-qualification are available at Applications for pre-qualification will be accepted through two (2) weeks after the advertisement date of this bid. Bid documents, plans and specifications will be provided to prequalified firms only.