Road Closure Update – Abutment Grouting at the North Dam

The road closure related to Abutment Grouting at the North Dam (the dam facing Lebanon Borough) is expected to continue for a few more weeks. The Grouting project is expected to be complete within several weeks.

The road will be re-opened briefly before it is closed again for approximately one year related to a different project at the reservoir, which will begin soon (see below – “Earthen Dam Rehabilitation and Ancillary Work Project to Begin”). Specific road opening and closure dates will be announced here when they are established.

Dredging Project Update

Dredging of the in-water channel near the South Dam Tower (on the Molasses Hill Rd side of the reservoir) is ongoing. The work areas are marked with lighted buoys and boaters should avoid these areas. Work is expected to continue on this project for at least 6-8 weeks longer.

Announcement of New Cushetunk Trail Route

In connection with the Earthen Dam Rehabilitation project, which is starting at the end of January, the Cushetunk (red) Trail through the Round Valley Youth Center property (near the intersection of County Route 629 and Molasses Hill Rd) has been re-routed. The new trail route will officially be in place by the end of January. This change to the trail is permanent. New signage has been installed and the Park maps are being updated. The trail will be very near one of the project staging areas and visitors should avoid all construction areas by staying on the trail. The trail will cross several construction roads and visitors should use caution in these areas as heavy trucks and other machinery may be present.

Earthen Dam Rehabilitation and Ancillary Work Project to Begin

The third and largest of the three component projects of the Round Valley Project will begin at the end of January. Thalle Construction Company, Inc. of Hillsborough, North Carolina is the prime contractor for this work and will begin with installation of erosion and sediment controls, tree removal, preparing staging areas, and installation of engineer and contractor offices at all three embankments. The current project schedule anticipates major earthwork beginning in 2020 at the Dike followed by the North Dam and finally the South Dam. Major earthwork completion is currently expected by the end of 2021, and final project completion is expected by the summer of 2022.  Ancillary project components will take place concurrently with the major earthwork. The segment of County Route 629 that parallels the Reservoir between Old Mountain Road and the Boat Launching area will be closed for approximately one year for this work. Road closure dates will be announced here when they are established.

Most of the construction work will be done in restricted areas of the reservoir, however, the public is likely to see many activities including tree clearing, construction of staging areas, and construction on the dams. Heavy equipment will be on and around the dams moving very large volumes of materials. The top layers of each dam will be pulled away and then replaced, with new filter material (sand, gravel) placed inside. The public should avoid all construction areas. The reservoir will remain open during construction, as will the boat launches and recreation area. Visitors should not walk along the reservoir’s edge as the lowered water level has exposed mud that is dangerous to walk on. Several visitors have become trapped in the mud, necessitating an emergency response. Visitors should observe all posted signage and use common sense for their own safety.