Tree Removal to Begin
Approximately 40 acres of trees around the reservoir property are being removed in connection with construction. Park visitors and users of the Cushetunk (red) Trail will see tree removal activities starting as soon as this week and lasting through the end of March. The vast majority of trees being removed from public areas are ash trees that have been infested by the Emerald Ash Borer. These trees are dead or dying due to the infestation, and posed a hazard to the public. Tree removal was unavoidable for this project — large open areas adjacent to the reservoir’s three dams are needed to store materials and ensure dam safety during construction. Native trees will be replanted in the de-forested areas under the guidance and supervision of the State Forest Service at the completion of the project.
Photo Captions:

(L) Dead standing ash trees are seen in a forest area surrounded by healthy trees of other species.

(R) Evidence of infestation from the emerald ash borer is seen on a cut tree: extensive ‘blonding’ of the bark is a telltale sign that this pest has caused irreparable damage to the tree.

County Route 629 to Re-Open
The segment of County Route 629 that is currently closed is expected to be opened by the end of this week. It will remain open for several weeks before being closed again for approximately one year. Specific road closure dates will be announced here when they are established.