Site preparation in anticipation of construction on the final project, Earthen Dam Rehabilitation and Ancillary Work, is continuing. Site preparation includes the construction of soil erosion and sediment control features, installation of instrumentation and dewatering wells at each of the three dams, construction of staging areas, installation of new fencing, and delivery of large quantities of stone and sand.

A drill rig installs temporary dewatering wells at the Dike, just below the closed section of County Route 629.

So far, more than 10,000 tons of stone and 4,000 tons of sand have been delivered for use in the rehabilitation of the Dike, which will be the first of the reservoir’s three embankments to undergo rehabilitation. Sedimentation control basins, which help to control soil erosion during construction, will be constructed in this area over the next few weeks. Major excavation work in this area will start around the beginning of the summer. Soils will be temporarily removed on the downstream side of the earthen Dike. Stone and sand will be placed in the excavation to filter and collect any water that may seep through the Dike from the reservoir. The removed soils and topsoil will be re-placed over the new sand and stone “drain” and the structure will look largely the same after construction.

A sedimentation control basin is being constructed near the Canoe/Kayak launch.
Deliveries of sand and stone to the Dike stockpile areas.

State Park visitors should take note of the closure of Route 629 between Old Mountain Road and the boat launch area – this road is closed entirely to the public, including hikers, joggers and bicyclists.

The water body of the reservoir will remain open during construction, as will the boat launches and recreation area. State Park visitors should not walk along the reservoir’s edge as the lowered water level has exposed mud that is dangerous to walk on. Visitors should observe all posted signage and avoid construction areas.