Things have been busy at all three dams. Some of the construction work may be visible to the public. Large dump trucks have resumed delivery of materials to the construction sites. None of the operations have restricted the public’s use of the reservoir itself or Round Valley Recreation Area, a very popular place in the summer!

At the Dike (the dam crossed by County Route 629), placement and compaction of filter materials and earth fill continues.

At the North Dam (the dam that faces Lebanon Borough), placement of pipe, filter materials and earth fill is continuing. Work there is expected to continue through at least late 2021.

At the South Dam (the dam that faces Molasses Hill Road), modifications to sediment basins are ongoing. Sediment basins help to control soil erosion during construction. Each basin has been placed to capture runoff and retain sediment from the embankment excavation itself or from a staging and stockpiling area to protect nearby waterways.