Here’s the latest on what’s happening around the Reservoir.

At the Dike (the dam crossed by County Route 629), topsoil and grass seed are being placed over the surface of the dam as construction in this area nears completion.

Underwater work is continuing around several areas of the Reservoir: near the South Dam (the dam that faces Molasses Hill Road), the South Dam Tower, and at the North Dam Tower. Boaters should remain at least 200’ away from these towers at all times; these areas are Restricted and posted with signage.

Underwater work at both towers will be staged from the towers.

A diver suits up to enter the water for underwater construction work at depths of up to 130’. Note the long coil of hoses piled up in front of the diver – this length is necessary to support work in that depth of water.

The floating barge and other equipment are stored at the Public Boat launch while these projects are ongoing. Visitors should avoid these areas.

At the South Dam, excavation work will be starting soon. The public may see large excavators and other earth-moving equipment, as well as dump trucks, in the vicinity. Cushetunk Trail users should take note of ongoing construction and traffic in this area and stay alert while crossing access roads. Construction workers will be stationed at active Trail intersections to warn pedestrians and bicyclists.

Signage is placed in locations where the Cushetunk Trail intersects with construction and haul roads. Trail users should heed all signage and be aware of changing circumstances in these areas.