Spring weather is here! And work continues at the Round Valley Reservoir…

As the winter shutdown now draws to a close, the public will notice a resurgence of construction activity around all three Round Valley dams:

At the South Dam (dam facing Molasses Hill Road) and the North Dam (dam facing Lebanon Borough), major earthwork work has resumed and will continue throughout the year. In the coming months, the contractor will continue installing the dam’s new filter drainage system.

Major earthwork was completed at the Dike (dam crossed by CR629) in the fall of 2021. The contractor continues efforts to restore the site to its original condition. This includes the removal of temporary soil erosion protection measures, such as silt fences and sedimentation basins, and the establishment of grass for more permanent protection.

Equipment operators excavate soil material from the slope of the South Dam. The machine in the foreground is called an “articulated dump truck.” It is so called because the cab and dump bed can pivot and move independently of one another. These machines are well equipped for rugged terrain and can climb steep slopes.

Grass planted last season begins to emerge on the slope of the Dike.  Final restoration of this site is on-going.