PROJECT UPDATE 08/03/22: Construction Update

Restoration work at the Dike (dam crossed by CR629) remains ongoing but is nearing completion. Recent and upcoming work includes establishing grass, paving access roads, and implementing permanent instrumentation monitoring equipment. This instrumentation will allow Authority staff to continuously and remotely monitor specific conditions of the embankment in the future (post-construction).

Earthwork is ongoing at the North Dam (dam facing Lebanon Borough). Placement of filter sand and stone is complete, and the new filtered drainage system is now functioning as intended. Regrading staging and stockpile areas, finish grading, installation of instrumentation, topsoiling and seeding, and paving of access roads is ongoing.

At the South Dam (dam facing Molasses Hill Road), installation of the dam’s new filtered drainage system has begun and will be ongoing for the rest of the construction season. This consists mainly of placing filter sand and stone, installing slotted drainage pipe, placing soil backfill, and setting manholes.

Earth-moving equipment at the South Dam

Workers spread topsoil adjacent to the Dike’s newly paved access road

A view from the crest of the North Dam