Project Update: 05/10/23

Pumping/Reservoir Level:

As described in the last Project Update, the NJ Water Supply Authority began pumping to refill the reservoir to the construction pool elevation (25 feet below normal pool) in February 2023. The target pool elevation was reached at the beginning of May 2023, and pumping has therefore concluded. The spring 2023 pumping program added nearly 4.4 billion gallons of water to the reservoir, increasing the water surface elevation by almost 8 feet. As noted in prior updates, pumping to refill the reservoir further (above the construction pool) can only resume after earthwork is substantially complete at all three embankments.

Construction Activity:

Restoration work continues at the North Dam (dam facing Lebanon Borough) and the Dike (dam crossed by CR 629). At the North Dam, current and upcoming work includes grading, placing topsoil, and seeding to restore staging/stockpile areas, milling and paving of access roads, and maintenance of the embankment’s grass cover.

Work at the Dike is limited to minor punch-list work as this embankment is largely complete.

Earthwork at the South Dam is progressing well: The Contractor continues to work their way up the embankment slope with the placement of drainage materials (sand & stone) and earthfill. The public may have noticed that hours of operation at the South Dam have recently been extended, with the Contractor now working two overlapping shifts daily between the hours of 6AM and 11PM.

Night work as part of the Contractor’s split-shift schedule at the South Dam