Project Update: 7/21/2023

Work at the Dike (dam crossed by CR 629) is substantially complete. No significant work is anticipated at this embankment in the near future, but a final walkthrough will be conducted near the end of the project to identify any outstanding punch-list items.

Recent and ongoing work at the North Dam (dam facing Lebanon Borough) consists of topsoiling and seeding, installation of turf reinforcement matting, decommissioning of sediment basins, and other restoration activities. Access roads at the North Dam were recently paved with an initial “base” course of asphalt concrete.

The South Dam (dam facing Molasses Hill Rd) is the only embankment where major earthwork is still ongoing. The Contractor continues to make good progress, and has been working two overlapping shifts each day for several months. The Contractor’s schedule forecasts completion of major earthwork at the South Dam by the end of 2023.

After major earthwork is complete at all three embankments, the NJ Water Supply Authority will begin (as river conditions allow) a pumping program to refill the reservoir to normal pool elevation. It is estimated that the refilling, once started, will take approximately 1-3 years to complete. Please note that pumping schedules are highly dependent upon adequate flow conditions in the South Branch Raritan River.

Placement of earthfill and drainage materials progresses up the slope of the South Dam

A close-up view of ongoing earthwork at the South Dam