Work at the Dike (dam crossed by CR 629) is substantially complete. No significant work is taking place at this time.

Restoration activities continue at the North Dam (dam facing Lebanon Borough) to return the embankment and surrounding areas to preconstruction conditions. Major on-going work items at the North Dam include paving, topsoil and seeding, and decommissioning soil erosion and sediment control measures.

Major earthwork at the South Dam (dam facing Molasses Hill Rd) was completed in August 2023. Restoration work consisting of topsoil and seeding, installation of turf reinforcement matting, decommissioning of sediment basins, installation of dam instrumentation (piezometers), and paving will be the next major work items.

With major earthwork complete at all three embankments, the NJ Water Supply Authority will initiate a pumping program to refill the reservoir to normal pool elevation (25 feet higher than current elevation). The pumping is highly dependent on water flow conditions in the South Branch Raritan River. Flows in the river must be high enough to provide extended periods of excess water for pumping while still meeting required flow conditions at various points down river. Typically, spring is the primary pumping season, but the Authority will seek to pump during the fall and winter if conditions allow.  It is estimated that the refilling, once started, will take 1-3 years to complete.

With the project meeting this major milestone and the primary scope of work remaining being restoration, this will be the last major project update that is issued by email. The hotline and project website ( will also be disabled. Future project updates will be posted to and questions regarding the project can be emailed to the New Jersey Water Supply Authority at  If there is an urgent need to reach the Authority, our main number is (908) 638-6121.

Major earthwork completed to crest elevation at the South Dam – topsoil, seeding, and paving to follow

Restoration work progresses at the South Dam – spreading topsoil (L) and installing dam instrumentation (piezometer) (R)