Project Overview

The New Jersey Water Supply Authority is responsible for operating and maintaining the Round Valley reservoir for drinking water supply. As part of the Authority’s asset management program, it hired a team of internationally recognized experts to conduct a holistic review of the structural health of the Round Valley reservoir structures.

Based on the results and recommendations from this review, the Authority is making improvements to extend the operating life of the Round Valley reservoir. Design standards and construction techniques have evolved in the 50 plus years since the reservoir was built. Many structures of similar type to the Authority’s that were built in the same era also require periodic rehabilitation. The Authority’s plans for improvement of the reservoir structures will bring them to today’s state-of-the-art design standards.

The Authority is making improvements to the Round Valley reservoir’s structures. A Request for Proposals for design of these improvements was issued and the Authority entered into a contract with the Engineer of Record for the project, Schnabel Engineering. Schnabel is a national leader in engineering with highly specialized experience in analysis, design and construction support for the rehabilitation of existing structures. As Engineer of Record, Schnabel will be responsible for the design and quality assurance aspects of the project.

The Authority has also entered into a contract with Gannett Fleming to serve in the capacity of Owner’s Engineer. Gannett Fleming is a global infrastructure firm with more than 100 years of experience in planning, design, technology and construction management services. Gannett Fleming has been involved with the project since its beginning phases in 2014. In the capacity of Owner’s Engineer, they will oversee design and construction, consult with Authority Engineering Staff and act as an additional layer of Quality Control/Quality Assurance during the design and construction phases of the project.

The project is underway. There are a number of project components that are being undertaken on different timelines. The first phase of the Round Valley project included grouting of the abutments at the North and South Dams as well as dredging of the Intake Channel at the South Dam. These two component projects were completed in 2020. The second, and final, phase of the project involves rehabilitation of all three embankments (North Dam, South Dam, Dike) and installation of new drainage features within each. Construction on this site started in early 2020. The duration of the project depends on many variables that are subject to change, but is expected to be 3-4 years. These improvements will allow for safe reservoir operation for future generations.

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Project Milestones

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November 1

Fall 2022

CR 629 Reopened to the Public
July 1

Summer 2022

Major Earthwork Completed at the North Dam
November 1

Fall 2021

Major Earthwork Completed at the Dike
October 13

Beginning Fall 2021

Embankment Rehabilitation (South Dam)
April 22

Beginning Spring 2021

Embankment Rehabilitation (North Dam)
April 1

April 2020

Second Closure of Rt 629 (Embankment Rehabilitation)
March 26

March 2020

Abutment Grouting Complete Dredging of South Dam Channel at South Dam Complete
February 8

Beginning Winter/Spring 2020

Embankment Rehabilitation (Dike)
May 10

December 2019

First closure of Rt 629 (Grouting at North Dam)
May 10

Fall 2019

Dredging of the South Dam channel Reservoir Drawdown Begins